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Fuzzy memories [Aug. 28th, 2010|12:08 am]
University of California, Los Angeles


I seem to remember that towards the end of the spring 2009 quarter, there were posters on Gayley Ave. advertising an on campus talk by "former terrorist(s)". Naturally, being the bleeding heart, pinko liberal that I am, I became suspicious when I noticed that the small print on these posters revealed that the event was sponsored by the College Republicans...or something. Whoever sponsored it, it was probably the most prominent conservative student organization on campus.

And I probably would've forgotten about it if my memory hadn't been jogged in the past couple of weeks thanks to a headline from one of my favorite "leftist hate groups", Media Matters. The article I'm talking about is pretty damning in itself. TL;DR: Walid Shoebat and his buddies who travel around the country telling ghost stories about the inherent danger Islam itself represents are frauds, because investigation by publications such as The Jerusalem Post and The New York Times has shown that their war stories do not add up. The United States Air Force Academy has hosted Walid Shoebat and his friends in the past and has drawn criticism as a result.

So I guess my question is, were Walid Shoebat, et al the so-called "former terrorists" who were brought to campus to speak last year? If so, did anybody say or do anything to protest?