Nicolay Shinkin (Nicolay Shinkin) wrote in ucla,
Nicolay Shinkin
Nicolay Shinkin

Paperback “The Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance Level 1” by Polina Shinkina

This Chinese Character Decomposition Guidance contains 174 decomposed Chinese characters of beginner’s level 1.

The character decomposition is a very important tool for learning and teaching the Chinese characters. The character decomposition shows availability of generally accepted radicals and character components in the Chinese character and does not substitute strokes or the stroke order in each separate Chinese character.

For the Chinese language learners decomposition makes the process of the Chinese characters study easy and pleasant, helps to understand the character structure and, consequently, quickly memorize and write them without experiencing any problems.

Tags: Chinese, mandarin, Chinese-English, English-Chinese, paperback, character, decomposition, dictionary, database, analysis, radicals, language, textbook, level, breakdown, analysis, strokes, write, split, splitting, break down, chart, structural, learn, learning, study, analyze, beginner, table, letter

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