June 3rd, 2007

seems like i'm still waiting for the sun

Biostat 100A

Has anyone here taken Biostat 100A? How long are you actually in lecture? The course info says that there should only be 3 hours of lecture, plus 2 hours of lab/discussion, but when I looked up the class for the past few quarters, the schedule shows 6 hours of lecture per week.


2ND ANNUAL Anonymous Confessions : UCLA Edition!

K, so we don't need some random LURKER (GTFO, thanks) starting this.

My graduating self would like to bring out the OFFICIAL second annual Anonymous Confessions: UCLA Edition!
(Relive some memories with the original one here)


Remember to make all comments anonymous!

Have a great summer and have fun reading.

Let the procrastinating (and hooking up) begin.

P.S. I heart you guys! Though I'm graduating, you can be assured that I will continue to lend whatever knowledge I have accumulated through the years.