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Community for prospective students, current students, alumni, professors, staff, and friends of those who attend (or have attended) the University of California, Los Angeles.

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This is a forum for current, past, and prospective students. Feel free to post questions and information about campus events.

To prospective students: We are happy to answer your questions about life at UCLA. But, please remember, when asking about admissions statistics, we are not admissions officials. Everyone's circumstances are different and what scores/grades got one person in may not apply to you.

Also, some of the more general and popular questions have been put into the memories section-- your question may have been answered already.

PLEASE DO THIS (and look through the memories) BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. THANK YOU.

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So, what's so great about UCLA?
Here are some of our bragging rights:

  • The University of California, Los Angeles was founded in 1919 as a public, coeducational research university. It is the only leading research institution in the world founded in the 20th century.

  • UCLA's library system contains more than six million volumes held in two general collections and thirteen special subject libraries.

  • Faculty include five Nobel Laureates and more than 300 Fulbright Scholarship awardees, and more than 280 Guggenheim Fellows.

  • UCLA is a leader in the PAC-10 Conference, with 100 NCAA titles (the first to get 100 and more than any other university), and more than 94 team titles.

  • UCLA sits on 419 acres at the base of the Santa Monica mountains, five miles from the Pacific Ocean. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Music Center, Chinatown, Olvera Street, Little Tokyo and the Downtown business district are a few miles to the east. Mountains, beaches lakes and deserts are all within a short drive.

uclabooks is dedicated to all book-related buying and selling ... Please do NOT post books-wanted or books-for-sale posts in this community as they will be deleted.

uclagrads is focused on UCLA students in grad school.

We welcome you to our community. Go Bruins!

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